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1894 – March 23. He was born in Innsbruck. Immediately afterwards, following the anti-Italian movements, the Baldessari family left Innsbruck. In Rovereto (then Austria) the father bought the Caffè Accademia, which soon became a center of Italianism and Irredentism.

1904/1908 – In the years of his adolescence in Rovereto the drawing professor Luigi Comel saw his drawings and convinced his father to enroll him in the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. There he had as masters Guglielmo Ciardi for painting, and Emanuele Brugnoli, for engraving.

1914 – He graduated. He won the Scala dell’Accademia Award for landscape. He adhered to Futurism and realized the first experimental paintings by studying the “masters”: Carrà and especially Boccioni.



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